"Building Community with New Parents and Babies in Bray" by Lara Dunlea 'PureLight'

Updated: Dec 21, 2017

Baby Massage and Postnatal Yoga

Every Wednesday and Thursday morning, PureLight Yoga & Dance Studio in Bray is the host to gatherings of mothers and their babies who come together to share support, learn infant massage techniques and/or engage in gentle postnatal yoga exercise.

Passers-by may marvel at the beautiful babies, the cute outfits, the fancy travel systems and colorful slings, but what may not be apparent on the surface is the incredible physical and emotional work that these amazing women are doing as they navigate the challenges of the months that follow the intense experience physical of welcoming a child into their lives.

For many mothers, connecting with other women in a supportive atmosphere of empathy and understanding represents the building of new community and the establishment of friendships that last through the years.

The postpartum period is a time of emotional healing and readjustment, as parents process the circumstances of their babies’ birth and grow into their new role. The provision of a forum in which mothers can share information and support is extremely important at this time of vulnerability and new learning.

Physical Healing

As women heal physically after giving birth, it is important that their return to exercise is gentle and in keeping with the needs of the postpartum body.  Both the infant massage classes and postnatal mum & baby yoga classes are geared to supporting this physical healing, with both classes incorporating some gentle stretches and postnatal yoga classes particularly emphasizing the rebuilding of core strength and pelvic floor tone.  As strength returns, the yoga practice can be adapted to provide extra challenge. 

“It's a wonderful experience shared between mom & the baby”

Baby Massage Classes at PureLight

*Massage sequences formulated by  the International Association of Infant Massage

*Taught by an IAIM certified instructor

*Oils and instruction booklets included in the fee

*Gentle stretches/relaxation techniques for parents

*Introduction to the history, theory and benefits of infant massage

*Techniques to aid colic and digestive issues

*Quality  one-to-one time for parent and baby

*Refreshments provided (every class ends with a cuppa and a chat)

Up to 100 euro reimbursed by most health insurance providers

Postnatal Mom & Baby Yoga Classes at PureLight

*Yoga to Release Tension and Regain Core Strength

*Highly Experienced Instructor

*Pelvic Floor Work

*Gentle Stretches for Baby

*Songs, Rhymes and Interactive Yoga for Baby

*Quality One-to-One Time for Mother and Baby

*Refreshments Provided (every class ends with a cuppa and a chat)

Up to 75 euro reimbursed by most health insurance providers


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