Class Descriptions

Yoga Classes

Nutrition & Yoga Course with Linda (8 weeks)

In this course you will learn more about optimal nutrition and what foods to include to improve mood, hormonal balance, digestion and ageing.
You will also establish a regular yoga practice that will help increase your strength and flexibility as well as learning how to develop a calm and serene attitude to life. No experience needed.

Linda's Yoga for Beginners is a flowing Vinyasa style with focus on alignment of breath with movement. This class is designed as an introduction to the practice of yoga. Class is slower paced than an all-levels class, and focused on developing clear and safe alignment in foundational poses. You don’t need to be able to touch your toes, you just have to be willing to try. Linda also likes to incorporate the use of the wonderful healing powers of essential oils into her classes.
For Linda, yoga is a 'tool for life'. A tool that can help us maintain fitness, flexibility, focus & serenity in both body and mind. 

Vinyasa Flow practice, focusing on aligning breath with movement to bring about a sense of ease within the poses in a nice warm studio. Linda uses essential oils in her classes & combined with 'pranayama' or breath work, she finds they can help improve focus, mood and relaxation. Linda welcomes all levels of ability to her classes and strives to provide a warm & safe space in which to practice yoga.

Vinyasa flow practice connects the movements with the breath, creating a flow to the class. This style focuses on the all over body with benefits such as increasing flexibility, strengthening of muscles, purifying the internal body and relaxing the mind. This style does not have a set sequence so it has the flexibility to be catered to the individual, different levels and the energy of the class.

Aoife's classes are energetic with the focus on physical & emotional body. She places a huge emphasis on Pranayama encouraging her students to reach a place of body/mind awarness & connection through compelling breathwork and mindful movement.

These classes enable mothers to return to exercise in a gentle manner that encourages focus on listening to the body and slowly rebuilding core strength and pelvic floor tone while engaging with their babies and introducing gentle baby yoga stretches, songs and rhymes. The classes emphasise the importance of sharing information and support among new mothers while providing an environment in which mother/baby bonding can flourish. Every class finishes with an informal chat over a cuppa and biscuits, enabling students to get to know each other and form friendships that often last well beyond the duration of the course.

· Most health insurance companies now reimburse up to 75 euro for postnatal yoga classes.

5 or 6 weeks courses.

Lara's infant massage classes, accredited by the International Association of Infant Massage, provide parents with the opportunity to learn how to pass on the benefits of loving touch to their babies while enjoying one-to-one quality time interacting with their little one. Parents are encouraged to engage in some gentle relaxation techniques for themselves before beginning the massage, and the strokes for the various body parts are taught in a structured way over the duration of the course, with plenty of opportunity to revise and revisit from week to week. Specific routines to aid with colic and digestive issues are included, and parents are introduced to the theory , history and benefits of infant massage. Parents receive oil and instruction booklets as part of their course fee, and every session ends with an informal chat over tea and biscuits.

· Most health insurance companies reimburse up to 100 euro for baby massage classes.

5 or 6 weeks courses.

Yin yoga is a perfect compliment to other styles of yoga and exercise. These other styles focus on lengthening and contracting muscles where Yin also does but its main focus is on the connective tissue. This practice promotes joint health (mobility and strength) and also your overall health and balance in your body.

While it may seem quite passive, a Yin yoga practice can be challenging due to the long duration of the poses. 

In this beautiful, meditative, restful class, we give ourselves time and space be led by our own innate
body-intelligence. Each simple pose is held for around 5 minutes (softening muscles, and freeing
connective tissue), which allows us to notice the signals our body is sending out. Rather than ignore
them, or consider them as something to be “pushed through” or conquered, in Yin Yoga, we offer a
non-striving response to those messages. This is essential for the safe and compassionate care of our
physical and emotional health. 

This beautiful relaxing candlelit yin class is suitable from complete beginners to advanced practitioners.

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Our Contemporary Classes consist of movement exploration while building dance technique, 

starting at a beginner/intermediate level. 

Develop ability to express yourself through dancing, improve your strength, flexibility and fluidity in your dancing. Teachings are at a pace you will understand and grow within. 

No experience needed.

Our Broadway Dance Classes are musical theatre classes that combine choreography, movement, 

song & dance and vocal literature. 

Sharpen your dance and acting skills while learning some of Broadway's best musicals. 

A fun class for the student who likes to perform.

No experience needed.

Boogie Bounce

Boogie Bounce is the most effective exercise as quoted by NASA. Safe, simple and effective exercise program on a mini trampoline. It is fun, funky and motivating go at your own pace. All levels welcome.

A fun and energetic dance class for both inexperienced and experienced dancers where you learn a group dance choreography and shoot a class dance video at the end of the term.

The classes are fun & high energy, rich in performance, & professionally choreographed.

Learn to dance, stay fit, make new friends and star in your very own dance video.

4 weeks courses.

Zumba® classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and International beats. Before you know it, you'll be getting fit and your energy levels will be soaring! It's easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating.

Every class features rocking music, fun, easy to follow routines, and just a little bit of silliness. Theres no restriction on who can come…anyone from 16 to 70+ is welcome, as long as you feel fit enough to dance, we’re happy to have you!

And you don’t even have to be able to dance, just follow the instructor and you’ll surprise even yourself.

Pole Fitness classes give a full body workout, no muscle will escape. The 8 weeks courses lead to an overall toned physique with stronger flatter abs, toned arms and buttocks and an increase in flexibility.

8 weeks courses for beginners & intermediate levels. 

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Spine, Core & Pelvic Floor

If you are a new mum, starting your fitness journey or have issues with your spine, core or pelvic floor that you want to work on, this course is for you. Taught by certified physiotherapist.

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