"Building Community with New Parents and Babies in Bray" by Lara Dunlea 'PureLight'

Baby Massage and Postnatal Yoga Every Wednesday and Thursday morning, PureLight Yoga & Dance Studio in Bray is the host to gatherings of mothers and their babies who come together to share support, learn infant massage techniques and/or engage in gentle postnatal yoga exercise. Passers-by may marvel at the beautiful babies, the cute outfits, the fancy travel systems and colorful slings, but what may not be apparent on the surface is the incredible physical and emotional work

“Feel Good Exactly As You Are” by Aisling Vesque Yoga 'PureLight'

Hello everyone my name is Aisling and I am a yoga teacher at PureLight Dance and Yoga studio. I am absolutely delighted to be a part of the team here and really looking forward to meeting all of you wonderful people. When I was asked to write a blog for the website I knew exactly what I wanted my first blog to be about. So often we see advertisements, we hear comments from others or even from ourselves on how we can be better, how we can look better or do better. It’s exhaust

"Mood Food: Protecting your Mental Health" by Linda Hickey 'PureLight'

There are many simple steps we can take to help keep that ‘blue mood’ at bay. Regular exercise is of course vital, but taking a look at how and what we eat is of equal importance. "You are what you eat, food can change your mood and the choices you make directly affect the outcome of your life". Here are four simple steps that can go a long way towards keeping you on the right track. Keeping blood sugars balanced Keeping blood sugars balanced is the first and most important s